Thursday, January 20, 2011


Here I am! Wow, damn near forgot about this space. For shame.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Gonna try this from a mobile standpoint. I just can't seem to blog if I have to sit at a desk. So here I am, attempting (yet again) to do this whole blogging thing. Wish me luck folks! Hope to see you soon.

Monday, July 06, 2009


i cannot be more excited. THANK YOU i have been waiting for this for over a decade. i remember playing LOOM on a friends macintosh. well, his dads macintosh, but either way. i LOVE this game, and am happy to hear Lucasarts is doing a push on their classic games. i hope everyone is as excited to see this news as i am.

LucasArts title to be Jedi Arena?

so Lucasarts is going to announce a 'new old game' today, and i've been doing some digging. apparently on their Twitter page, the Atari 2600 is being brought up, so i pulled a list of all LucasArts games for the 2600. there's a Star Wars rail shooter, but i don't imagine that would be it, and i noticed an unreleased ROTJ game based on ewoks. then my eye slipped onto Star Wars: Jedi Arena which released in 1983 for the 2600. this seems like it would be a good match, as i don't recall any of the graphic point and click adventures being on Atari. fingers crossed on this one, although i'd still like an updated/new version of LOOM. STILL one of the best games they've ever released. also, a new Grim Fandango wouldn't hurt either.

Friday, May 08, 2009

x-men origins: wolverine

so i played through wolverine the other day, and i have to say i was quite pleased. i'm sure you've heard that this isn't your everyday movie game. i'm pretty sure you've heard that this isn't your everyday superhero game either. well, i can say happily that both of those statements are true.

from what i hear, the studo had MUCH more time to work on the game than would normally be given, and it really pays off. there are some signs of course, the graphics could use a little help, and there are rare glitchy moments. these are easily forgiven, but i still feel the need to mention them.

the story revolves loosely around our clawed heroes origin movie by the same name. there are of course added components to make the game last longer than the 2 hour movie. it's presented well, but bounces between one timeline to the next, and sometimes without warning. it can be a little jarring, but it does a nice job of making sure you don't spend too much time in one environment type.

the real meat of the game, as with any good game though, is in the gameplay. the game plays VERY similarly to god of war, which is not a bad thing at all. the claws operate much differently than the famous blades of chaos, but they get the same point across. there is a lot of carnage going on in this game. seeing chunks of flesh fly off when you get shot, watching the holes mesh back together. it's damn sweet. wolverine also has a pretty good set of combos at his disposal, and some TERRIFIC finishing moves to lay waste to baddies.

speaking of baddies, there is a pretty nice selection of enemies to face, even if some are a bit oddly placed. you have your typical goon types, and then guys with guns, etc. but i don't get the rock monsters in africa. i've read plenty of x-men in my day, and i don't remember seeing those guys ANYWHERE. you can get really creative when taking out most of the enemies, and you have a LITTLE leeway with the larger opponents, but more often than not, you're gonna jump on their back and stab away.

you can also make use of your environment to take people out. tree stumps, or limbs, spikes, a large fan in one case can all be used to impale or slice up enemies. it really gratifying! i haven't even mentioned tossing guys off ledges, or high areas in general, and then there's the LUNGE. oh sweet mercy is this a GREAT idea. you can target an enemy, and as long as they aren't too high up, or obstructed by something, you can leap a good portion of the screen away and jump on these guys. you can then follow up your lunge with a different button to add to the carnage. i spent a great deal of time lunging from one enemy to the next, just to turn around and keep the chain going.

THEN there are collectibles to aid your progress. you can collect mutagens to give you more health, experience boosts, or other boosts. they each have three levels and you can equip up to three at a time. another meter you can grow by defeating enemy types is your reflex meter. as you kill off different types, the meter fills and at each level grants you bonuses toward that enemy class. you can fill these up three times as well. it'll take a couple play-throughs to get them all maxed out though.

you can even get little statues that grant bonus content, like little arenas and new costumes. it's a lot of fun to play through in the old brown and yellow costume rather than the jeans and tank top of the regular game.

i think that's all i've got for now. it's a great game and i highly recommend you play it. i finished my initial play-through in 10-12 hours. i liked it enough to do it all in one sitting though, which says something. i usually don't even finish games, but this one really is a lot of fun to play, which is what matters most. thank you raven software, for giving me a fun wolverine game.

Monday, April 20, 2009

new old news

i finally finished Dead Space the other day. i have to say i really enjoyed the experience. some would say the game is too short, but i'd respectfully disagree. my finishing time was around 13 hours, which is just enough time for me. i rarely complete games that fun longer than 20 hours or so, unless i REALLY get locked in and/or captivated by the gameplay. my 360 is still in a box waiting to get fixed, but luckily my roommate is letting me borrow his for a few!

it's nice as i can get my 360 fix for a little while, and it's been hard not having Street Fighter IV to pick up whenever i want. so i'm fully taking advantage of the 360 and i'm trying to get through Lost Odyssey. it's 4 disks, but i'm hoping to get through it in time!

Monday, March 16, 2009

new shop

i reopened my cafepress shop. the link to it is here. you can also click into the shop anytime by clicking the link near the top of the page. i'll upgrade to a premium shop if i can get enough orders coming in, that way i can have different graphic for the products. you will dig them. i'm sure of it.