Monday, April 20, 2009

new old news

i finally finished Dead Space the other day. i have to say i really enjoyed the experience. some would say the game is too short, but i'd respectfully disagree. my finishing time was around 13 hours, which is just enough time for me. i rarely complete games that fun longer than 20 hours or so, unless i REALLY get locked in and/or captivated by the gameplay. my 360 is still in a box waiting to get fixed, but luckily my roommate is letting me borrow his for a few!

it's nice as i can get my 360 fix for a little while, and it's been hard not having Street Fighter IV to pick up whenever i want. so i'm fully taking advantage of the 360 and i'm trying to get through Lost Odyssey. it's 4 disks, but i'm hoping to get through it in time!