Saturday, May 13, 2006

Wii3 2006

E3 2006 is officially over. i was not one of the lucky (read unlucky) people to attend. while i would ove to go to the show in theory, i'm glad i can sit comfortably from my home and catch all of the important updates and reports. as you can see from the title here, i am overjoyed with the result of nintendo's showing this year. however, before i discuss the Wii, i'd like to quickly congratulate microsoft for thier show, and shake my head in shame at sony's.

first, let's look at microsoft. there was a lot of good software for the 360 on display.

'mass effect' - this one's from the geniuses that brought us 'knights of the old republic' and 'jade empire'. i myself wasn't a big fan of the fighting engince encapsulated within 'knights' so mass effect may not be for me, but it certainly looks gorgeous.

'bio shock' - wow. i don't even know where to start. everything about this game makes me go 'ahh, that's kinda nice' in that stewie griffin kinda way.

'too human' - this little doozy, would be the brainchild of denis dyack, and 8 long years of development. 'eternal darkness' was one of my absolute favorite gamecube games, so i'm confident silicon knights can pull it off. i guess we shall see soon enough.

and lastly :
'gears of war', 'the darkness', and a trailer for 'fable 2'

now, on to sony. $600.00?!? what the f?! i don't give a rip if it has a blu-ray player. i'd rather it didn't have one, then i wouldn't have to shell out 600 bucks for a console. i had no previous plans of owning a ps3 (see
crap) but with the price announcement, i feel i must now scoff at sony for their sheer audacity. add to that the fact that they tried, weakly, to steal nintendo's Wii thunder with their 'innovative' 6 way motion sensing controller. p.s. - that was on p.c. about 5 years ago. *snooze*

and fianlly, nintendo. wow. wow. and again wow. watching the
press conference made me want to pee my pants. below are links to games (just click the title) i am excited about. you should be too.

metroid prime 3: corruption' - i love metroid. i'm a self appointed metroid whore. i have no shame whatsoever. it brings me great pleasure to know come Q4 '06 i'll have my grubby little mitts on this one. nice. nice.

'the legend of zelda: the twilight princess' - originally a gamecube title (it still is by the way) this one almost has me more excited that mp3: corruption, but as stated before i'm a metroid whore, so... fi'm really looking forward to zelda. first off, it's zelda. i've personally never been disappointed by the franchise, so my hopes are high. fishing looks to be a blast, the controls look to be a lot of fun (as with most wii titles) and even being on 'lesser' hardware, the game looks great. it certainly isn't up to par with 360, but i'd rather have a game i'm going to want to play, and not just look at.

'excite truck' - hello? remember excite bike? exactly, now imagine it with a truck. sweeeeeet.

'resident evil' - i don't think i need to remind anyone how utterly awesome (read
best game for gamecube) resident evil 4 was.

'sonic wildfire' - ahh, sega. how nice to see you fitting so nicely into nintendo's bed. maybe one day, you will merge and create 'ninga' or some such nonsense, and the world will be a better place. finally good to see sonic how he was meant to be played. fast.

'super monkey ball: banana blitz' - monkey's in balls. that is all.

'super mario galaxy' - this one took me by suprise. while the gamecube didn't have a mario game proper for quite some time, 'galaxy' is supposed to be released within 6 months of launch. then again so was mario 128. thankfully, this mario was playable on the show floor, so my hopes of it actually coming out are very high. for those that doubt what wii can do, i ask that you look to the house that mario built to quell those fears.

and for my last favorite, i will lead you simply to
here. followed by 'snake? snaaaaaaaaaake?!'

thanks for geekin' out with me again. thanks to
ign for the great coverage, see you around!