Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cinco de Mayo

Oh, and happy Cinco de Mayo today.

Wii are not amused

What the F? Lazy developers really irk me. I recently picked up Prince of Persia: Rival Swords for Wii. Not a bad game as I had already played it when it was called 'The Two Thrones' on Xbox. So why am I so irritated? Let's take a look. The Xbox & PC versions of PoP:TTT is widescreen, and contains blood. The Gamescube version also contains blood. So why, on Wii would those two things not be included? The Wii can easily support widescreen, and 480p, and if blood was in the GC version, why remove it from Wii? Graphically the game is a mess too. It doesn't even look as good as the ORIGINAL Xbox version! Why? the developers as Ubisoft couldn't be bothered. THat's why.

It looks as though NiGHTS will follow that same path. There is NO reason for Wii games to neglect widescreen support. The same goes for progressive scan. Just look at Super Paper Mario. It's sad that we HAVE to look to Nintendo to find an example of a good Wii game. I've traded in EVERY game for my Wii that is not made by Nintendo, with the exception of SSX because, well, I love me some SSX.

Please game makers, realize that the Wii is not a last gen system, and while not able to crank out the visual masterpieces like Gears of War, it can CERTAINLY do more than you've been tossing us. Take a look at Mario Galaxy, or Metroid Prime 3. The Wii is not simply a system where you add 'waggle' to last gen games. Utilize the unique-ness, as many have done with the DS. Just don't take a year to get the good titles rolling.