Monday, March 16, 2009

new shop

i reopened my cafepress shop. the link to it is here. you can also click into the shop anytime by clicking the link near the top of the page. i'll upgrade to a premium shop if i can get enough orders coming in, that way i can have different graphic for the products. you will dig them. i'm sure of it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


so it finally happened. my SECOND 360 (this one and Elite) has taken a shit. The GPU went out, and it's been more than a year. LESS than 18 months, but i digress. i'm pretty irritated that microsoft has the nerve to charge me 99 bucks to get it fixed, but it beats buying a new one. how many years are we into the lifecycle of this system? and it's STILL not a stable piece of hardware? i dig SONY for not having as many games i want to play for PS3, but at least i know every time i turn it on, it WILL ACTUALLY TURN ON. if anyone would like to contribute to my XBOX360 repair fund (as i'm still jobless) feel free to contact me.

still the fact that i'm 360-less right now is BULLCORN.

Saturday, March 07, 2009


so i was playing my 360 the other day, and the colors started to tweak out. i readjusted my HDMI cable, and all was well again. mere moments later, while watching Torchwood, the colors started tweaking out again. so i reset the console, and the screen was completely blank. the GPU on my 360 ELITE, no less, has gone out. which sucks, for those that may not know this is a bad thing. no street fighter, no rock band, no viva pinata. boo.

i'll have to send it in for repair, which will be a second time now, and i have to admit it's quite ridiculous. i'm hoping this is something that won't be happening again, but it seems with the 360 you never can tell.

i'm gonna miss street fighter for sure, as it's my favorite game right now, and was getting most of my gaming attention. i have plenty of PS2 games to go through, so i'm not TOO worried, but i'd still like to be playing street fighter instead.

well i guess i'm gonna go play catch up for a while. 'til next time

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


man, being without work REALLY sucks. this is the first time in my life when i have absolutely no money coming in, and am really concerned with what's going to happen next. luckily i still have a roof and electricity, but i don't know how long those will last either. i apply for work for a good portion of the day everyday, and i just can't seem to get any bites. well, if you're reading this, and happen to like how i write, let me know if you've got a lead for me would you? that's all i've got for now, but hopefully something will come up soon.