Sunday, January 18, 2009


The Count of Monte Cristo (Modern Library Classics) The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

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i LOVE this book. i don't want to over-hype it, so i'll try not to get too excited. i'm surprised to see people say it drags at points, or is un-exciting. i don't recall reading a novel this thick so quickly. i just couldn't put the damn thing down. if you can keep up with the different plot lines, you'll be aces. but, if you tend to not really pay attention when you're reading you should probably skip it.

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Street Fighter IV

So effi'n stoked for this game. I've been a Street Fighter junkie since day one. i still remember going to the bowling alley when i was a kid, walking straight to the arcade and throwing myself into the Street Fighter arcade game. not SFII mind you, the ORIGINAL street fighter. aMAZing. it's pretty crap awful in retrospect, but it began my love with all things SF. then, one teenage afternoon, i remember heading to The Mine Shaft (R.I.P.) and seeing this new arcade cabinet.

Street Fighter II. OH. MY. GOD. was this the same game from all those years ago? it couldn't be! this was too new, too juicy, too beautiful! Dhalsim was the first character i ever chose, and i remember choosing Ryu, and then Chun-Li in the following battles. this was even before the days of placing your quarter on the screen ledge to call 'next'. what a glorious afternoon that was. i was ADDICTED to this game. riding my bike many a weekend with a pocket full of ones, up to the Game Room at Birdcage Walk. those were the days man. those were the days.

i was sure to visit my new best friend at least 1 weekend a month. i remember the joy i felt when i discovered Ryu's special moves were the same as the first game. i quickly applied the moveset to additional characters, and in that moment there really was no turning back. i've jumped headlong into any fighting experience Capcom can throw at me, and for the most part they've done me right. sure, there are a few stinkers, but the hits more that make up for the misses.

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big red

i'm not really sure why, but the 'Big Red' song has been plowing through my head for the last 48 hours. i'm starting to get irritated, but at the same time, i just want to know WHY this song is in my head.

Monday, January 05, 2009


man, i lag TERRIBLY don't i? i have no cause to wonder to myself why my visitors are infrequent. i don't keep them entertained. or informed. which is a shame.

however, i DID play and finish Prince of Persia for the 360, and i dug it. a lot. some have chided it as being to easy, bot for me it was nice to have an experience where the character on screen was actually doing JUST what you wanted him to do. there are multiple paths through the stages which are a blast to run through. there is an option to teleport to areas you've already visited, but i found myself running back and forth just for the sheer thrill.

it's a gorgeous game as well. i'm a big fan of concept art, and to see it in motion was amazing. by the time i finished with the game i was quite satisfied. it didn't leave me feeling incomplete like some games can at the ending. speaking of, the ending really surprised me, and i'm really excited for what they think of next for the new prince. there are a few extras to 'unlock' basically just new costumes, but it's a nice addition. something different to look at the second time through.

i actually found myself wanting to play through assassin's creed just because of the altair skin.