Saturday, March 07, 2009


so i was playing my 360 the other day, and the colors started to tweak out. i readjusted my HDMI cable, and all was well again. mere moments later, while watching Torchwood, the colors started tweaking out again. so i reset the console, and the screen was completely blank. the GPU on my 360 ELITE, no less, has gone out. which sucks, for those that may not know this is a bad thing. no street fighter, no rock band, no viva pinata. boo.

i'll have to send it in for repair, which will be a second time now, and i have to admit it's quite ridiculous. i'm hoping this is something that won't be happening again, but it seems with the 360 you never can tell.

i'm gonna miss street fighter for sure, as it's my favorite game right now, and was getting most of my gaming attention. i have plenty of PS2 games to go through, so i'm not TOO worried, but i'd still like to be playing street fighter instead.

well i guess i'm gonna go play catch up for a while. 'til next time

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