Sunday, August 17, 2008


a friend of mine was recently discussing the idea of making t-shirts. i was listening in as he and another talked about the general idea and look behind the shirts, and i was inspired. not how i would normally be inspired either. normally, i'd think of an idea or two and say 'that would be cool' and it ends there. no, i'm inspired enough to actually DO this time around. i've already made two graphics, and will be purchasing printable iron on paper to test the designs. if they turn out decent enough, i'm going to drop the money and have them printed proper.

i have many more ideas, and i'm sure the more i make, the more i'll think of. so i'd like to say thank you kelle, and jake for talking about making t-shirts. and for letting me in on that conversations. i hope to exchange and share ideas with you in the future.

in the end, maybe they didn't really inspire me so much as motivate me, which is what i needed. BADLY.

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