Thursday, September 04, 2008


nice.  nice.  i played a little viva last night, and i plan to do it again tonight.  yes.  i'm a 30 year old man who LOVES me some viva piñata.  i've already got whirlms galore, and i'm breeding bispotti as soon as i finish this blog.  i can't wait for the cocodiles to show up, and of course the pretztail.  i've got one that i keep penned up for now, but i'll need to add another to keep the first company.

when it comes down to it, viva's a really sick game.  all of the piñata are cannibalistic and incestuous.  ya, and this shit is rated E. it's all in good fun though, and who can be mad at cannibalism and incest when it's a candy filled snake with two heads?  i can't.  especially once you tell me that it's called a twingersnap, and i squeal like a little girl.

i don't know where Rare keep coming up with this madness, but i hope they keep it flowing for many more years.  this is a game that just makes you smile.  those are the best kind of games to me.  don't get me wrong, God of War is MY JUICE.  and there are plenty more like it that i love to death, but sometimes, it's nice to pick up a game and RELAX.


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