Friday, February 13, 2009

SFIV again...

We're about a week away now, and i'm so excited i could SQUEAL!  i've got it paid off, and the tournament stick as well so i'll be sure to add impressions once i've tried them both out.  it would be amazing if i could use it to play MVC2 on the original XBOX, but it isn't meant to be.

wow, that was a run on sentence, no?

i'm sure you can tell i'm amazingly stoked.  i've been watching videos in my spare time getting prepped and ready for the play style.  i hear it's got an awesome training mode, which will be good as i haven't played straight up SF in a while.

i've been playin' lots of MVC2 with my roommate and we finally unlocked all the characters and colors so we can select 3 of the same character -sweeeet-.  i admit, he did much more of the work for it than i did, but hey, it's his game ;D

i'm still trying to get through NGII, and it's still kicking my ass.  i feel like i'm not a gamer anymore!  i can't beat Ninja Gaiden!  how terrible.  it is a sad, sad day.  i think i'll go through God of War again, and that will prep me for some good ole NG.

well folks, i gotta hit the sack.  update soon!

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