Tuesday, August 29, 2006


today, whilst conducting my normal we browsing activities, i came across this article. 
who do these people think they are? don't get me wrong, i understand the need for taxes. specifically a usery tax. how DARE the IRS tell me i haven't paid enough tax on something when they steal 23% of my income every two weeks. i pay more than enough. think about it. there are between 140 & 150 million workers in the US. at $10 an hour with a 23% income tax, that's somewhere around 330 million a year to the government. that's not including sales, or state taxes. wanna puke yet? i do. i want to start a revolution of the mind. i want the land of the 'free' to be the land of the free. i want people to know that fearing your government is simply a mental prison. when i about this, i get gawked at like i'm a raving loon.  well, i suppose that could be true.  i just ask that you think about it.  now stop.  think again.

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