Friday, August 25, 2006

a thing that made me go hmmm...

i was sitting around the other day, as it's something i'm rather fond of doing, when i asked myself the following question: "fil, why are you okay spending 400 dollars on an ipod, but not on a new xbox?" well, after much deliberation i've decided that the biggest factor in that decision is portability.

i love my ipod. really. i don't really go anywhere without it, but all it does is play music, right? wrong. it can play movies and such but thats not what i'm referring to. it's a portable hard drive, with music & movie capabilities. that little device manages to bring me a little bit of joy every day. there's something great about finding a new trailer online, converting it to ipod video, and showing all of my friends the cool new movie coming out.

my 360 has a hard drive too. that hard drive can play music & movies as well. hell, it's even portable. here's the catch. i need my 360 to hear/view anything on that hard drive. bummer. the 360 is HUGE. don't get me wrong, i'm really diggin' the 360. '
geometry wars' rocks my ass, 'uno' is somehow just as fun as the 'real world' version of the game, and i've been playing 'hexic' like a rhesus monkey on crack. and those are just the XBLA games. i haven't even touched on 'Oblivion', 'Saint's Row', 'DEAD RISING', 'DOA4' & 'Table Tennis'. so what's my problem?

well, to be honest, i find it a little weird that the games i'm playing the hell out of, are not the ones i paid up to 60 bucks for. i've been playing the XBLA games, which incedentally DON'T need a 400 dollar console to played. at first, this irked me quite a bit, and then i figured '
hey, if you only need to spend 5-10 bucks on each game, that means more games.' hooray! (edit: saint's row has now taken over as the game with most hours logged)

so, here i go to rack up some achievement points, or, more likely, get my ass kicked by geometry wars. all the while, streaming music from my ipod. it's a mad, mad, mad, mad world. who woulda' thunk microsoft & apple would get along so well. rodney king, eat your heart out.

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